There are fears that gay and bi men will be "turned away" from PrEP unless Gov takes action | THEGAYUK
MPs warn of 'cliff-edge' in access to HIV prevention pill PrEP in open letter to Public Health Minister calling for 'urgent action' Today (19 December), MPs and peers from across Parliament have published an open letter calling on public health minister Steve Brine MP to urgently expand access to HIV prevention pill pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in England. PrEP is currently available in England via a capped 13,000 place trial – but it looks highly likely that all places for gay and bisexual men will be full by early 2019. Despite this group making up more than half (53%) of the 4,363 new HIV diagnoses in 2017. PrEP is almost 100% effective when taken as prescribed, but some gay and bi men have already been turned away in parts of the country where trial places are full with individuals going on to be diagnosed with HIV. The 14 MPs and peers include lead signatory Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, who last month revealed he's living with HIV in a speech to the Commons, and Brighton Pav