The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Seat Ibiza 2002 – 2008 | THEGAYUK
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly : The Seat Ibiza Mk3. Type 6L. 2002-2008 An irrelevant look at a certain car. This Ibiza was a bit of a revelation from Seat. Finally, they had a car on the British shores that you actually wanted. This was VW's second attempt with the Ibiza. Compared to the rest of the family from VAG, It had a design flair all of its own. Ibiza 1 was sharp. That was designed by Ital. Ibiza 2 looked like a ripe butternut squash. And due to its shape, meant you couldn't, sadly, lose it up your rectum! Ibiza 3 looked as aggressive as a Spanish taxi driver drove. I would have said a Matador but have you seen the embroidery work in their costumes? Quite exquisite and so delicate. Anyway, gone were those fat dumpy looks, the Polo dashboard and the general dead feel of the car. Look at it from underneath and you'd think this was a VW Polo. Or a Skoda Fabia. From the top, it was all Spanish, all Seat and all very Mediterranean. And that Mediterranean feel could also be felt