★★★★★ | VIVI, London For those who remember Centrepoint 101 - the bar and restaurant on top of Centrepoint - 33 stories above ground - you'll remember how great it was, more so the views and the cocktails and less so the food. Well, that space is now someone's flat (boo hoo), so now we have the new Vivi. Vivi, located in the wing that connects the original Centre Point building to Centrepoint House - the 1970's tenement building - is a throwback to the 1960s when the Centre Point building went up - presenting food that is both traditional, safe but not very sexy. The venue itself is sexy, one flight up, overlooking New Oxford Street and the new piazza next to the now fully residential Centre Point. It has a streamlined look with beautiful floor to ceiling windows that are used to great effect to maximize the space. There are gorgeous tables smack dab in the middle of the room as well as along the sides of the restaurant. It's such a beautiful space, with an art deco chandelier that h