★★★★ | Mamie's If you're looking for an excellent crépe in Covent Garden, I've got the place for you. Mamie's, on Catherine Street, right across the street from the Theatre Royal where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is playing, serves many varieties of crépes - both sweet and savoury (also known as galettes). Nestled in a three-story building, Mamie's is a cozy place for cozy food and has something for everyone. If you're looking to make the visit a full meal, then your first course will be a galette - there are 9 galettes to choose from, all made from buckwheat, gluten free, and healthy. If you like salmon, you're in luck - there is Salmon and Cheese as well as a dish called La Baudelaire, which my lunch companion had, with salmon, mushrooms, a fried egg, and cheese, along with lettuce on top. At £9.50 it's a bit pricey, but it's served open-faced (as opposed to rolled up) - and it is large. Other options include the Forest Compléte - egg, ham, emmental cheese, créme fraiche, mush