Kettle One and The White Haus | THEGAYUK
For those of you (like me) who like their alcohol a bit on the soft side, swimming with aromatic flavours, then you can't go wrong with Ketel One's new Botanicals range. Flavours such as Grapefruit & Rose, Peach & Orange Blossom, and my favourite - the subtle Cucumber & Mint (oh so refreshing, mild, and not tasting alcoholic at all) will knock your socks off with a sophisticated and fresh taste. These drinks are crafted with natural botanicals & fruit essence, with no artificial flavours, and when mixed with soda, deliver a small blip of 82 calories per serving, unlike like other alcoholic drinks (Tequila can you hear me?). But after a recent promotional night at a Ketel One event, I am a true believer and will now be a follower of the brand. I am a huge fan of fruit-flavoured drinks, but this fruit flavoured vodka has the vibrancy and bounce like being a spirit, but it is a moderate and more natural and balanced choice. But most importantly, the drinks are so del