★★★★ | Yuli Famous Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta plays himself in a beautiful drama/documentary about his life as a ballet star as well as his life growing up poor in Cuba. 'Yuli' - the nickname given to him by his father Pedro - is very unique in its storytelling. It not only goes into detail about his struggle to become a ballet dancer, but the film also deals with his relationship with his family, his home country of Cuba, as well as the troubled relationship he had with his father. Scenes of the adult Acosta are interspersed with scenes of his childhood, with Edilson Manuel Olbera more than ably playing Acosta as a young boy in a poor area of Havana with his family and separated parents who still live together. Cuba is also a star of the film. There are beautiful shots of the Malecon (a broad road esplanade hugging the coastline in Havana), old yet beautiful architecture in Havana, long shots of the city streets, and a stunning finale shot of the famous Great Theatre of