CAR REVIEW | Audi's A1 Sportback S line | THEGAYUK
★★★ | Audi's A1 Sportback S line What Have We Got? Here we have Audi's A1 Sportback S line. This model sits around the middle of the 6 car line up. It's suitably dressed to impress but did it impress us at THEGAYUK? Driving With looks to kill, you'd expect the A1 S line to be fun and entertaining to drive. Thankfully it doesn't fail to deliver in this department despite its diminutive turbocharged petrol power unit of 999cc. Power figures suggest mediocre outputs of performance. The good news is that the 116PS at over 5000rpm and torque of 147.5 lb-ft is far better than adequate. Developed low down, it will hustle along quite briskly. Yet, despite its revvy nature, it won't allow redlining in any gear. Changes are done by 6200rpm. Those changes are carried out by a much improved DSG gearbox. Now it is able to deliver crawling take up without snatching as smoothly as it does changing up at speed. Steering is communicative to a degree, there's also some muted feedback, though a little