Brands are receiving backlash over healthy eating social posts | THEGAYUK
Brands are being warned over the posts they publish on social media, particularly over the subject of healthy eating. Topics covered over social media in 2019 cover a variety of subjects, the one surrouding healthy eating can cause a Twitter storm if not handled in the right way warns industry experts, which came with the warning "For brands venturing into this topic, it is essential to consider planning in advance and staying away from political and divisive subjects". The latest immediate future report, using data analysed from Brandwatch, looks at the rising 'healthy eating' and 'healthy food' conversations on social media in the UK. Whilst most posts are positive, there is a significant number of passionately angry and disgruntled ones. The backlash spikes around those organisations pushing the healthy eating agenda such as brands, government and celebrity chefs. Anger drives social sharing. Katy Howell, CEO at immediate future, says, "Shares, accounting for almost 40% of social