Nokia to announce Android smartphone - Tech Digest
Nokia is reportedly developing an Android-based handset that will be announced in September at the Nokia World Conference. If the reports are accurate it would mean a massive change of direction for the Finnish giant who took full control of Symbian last year - in what was thought to be a direct response to the threat of Android to its huge market share. Although Nokia are the world's most successful company in terms of mobile handsets sold - their dominance in the smartphone market appears to be waning. A global share of 47% in 2007 was down to 31% at the end of 2008. Nokia's partnership with Intel, which we reported last month, and the possibility of Android-based handsets could spell exciting times for Nokia. We really like their latest smartphone offering, the N97, although it still doesn't really come close to threatening the iPhone 3GS's dominance. A Nokia smartphone with Android could really give Apple something to worry about though. What this means for the much berated Ovi store is anybody's guess. (via The Guardian)