Nokia also presents...the E72 - Tech Digest
Not content with their upgrade of their XpressMusic range, Nokia has also announced the successor to its best ever selling full QWERTY smartphone - the E71. The E72 includes everything that was loved about the E71, albeit in a superior fashion. Internet is faster, with support for up to 10.2Mbps over HSDPA. The desktop-like email system that proved popular in the E75 is also included as is instant messaging direct from the home-screen. All of these features should be easy to navigate with the new optical navigation key. Business men will also enjoy (well maybe not enjoy, but at least use) a new version of QuickOffice and calls should be made in much better clarity thanks to the active noise cancellation feature - handy when in busy business based locations such as the Wetherspoons next door to the office. The camera has been upgraded to 5-megapixels and a 3.5mm audio-jack is also now included which, along with the randomly included torch function, should add a bit of fun to this model. This is a top-end business based smartphone and that is reflected in the recommended price of €350. It's going to be out this Autumn.