T-Mobile plotting Android home phone and tablet - Tech Digest
Remember, before we all had mobiles, the days of the home phone. Having to drag the cable across the hallway and under your door if you wanted to have a private conversation without the rest of your family listening in? That mysterious 'Mercury' button? Those days are mostly at an end, but there are a few people still buying landline phones. As a result, companies are still making them - including T-Mobile who, rumour has it, will be bringing out an Android version next year. There'll be a docking station that lets you sync it and recharge the battery. On top of that, there's a 7" Android tablet in the works too. There's very little detail being shared, but it'll apparently let you 'check the weather' or 'manage data across a wide variety of devices'. Sounds good. More when we get it. (via Electric Pig)