Nintendo reveals initial offerings on DSiWare - Tech Digest
Nintendo has just announced the games and applications that'll be available at launch for the DSiWare channel on the new Nintendo DSi. The console, which we reviewed here, has functionality allowing for the downloading of new software. Here's what you'll get: Nintendo DSi Browser - to surf the internet on your DSiPaper Plane - guide a paper aircraft through a mazePyoro - catch fruit using a bird's tongueWarioWare: Snapped! - move your hands and face in front of the camera to complete superquick mini-gamesArt Style: AQUITE - help a diver reach the bottom of the oceanArt Style: CODE - numerical puzzle game requiring you to turn the DSi on its side These titles will be available for "Nintendo points" that can be earned either by buying games or by buying them separately. Registering your console will immediately give you 1,000 points free, too. Games and apps will either be free or cost 200, 500 or 800+ points. Nintendo DSi