AT&T leak some juicy iPhone gossip - Tech Digest
According to the Boy Genius Report, a high ranking anonymous source at AT&T has spilled the beans on the much anticipated new iPhone release. Well, spilled the beans may be a little on the strong side, but we've certainly got a few talking points from the information gleaned. First up, we're told to expect a full unveiling in June. No surprises there, but always nice to be able to smugly say 'told you so' to the handful of people who didn't care enough to speculate. Then we're told that the device will be faster and an overall more seamless experience "unmatched by any device". Again, not too much to write home about here, unless your parents have a Steve Jobs poster on their bedroom wall. If they are, incidentally, be prepared to talk to them more often, because the annual iPhone launch is "becoming a tradition" according to our chatty source.