Photoshop Magnets - for your geeky designer Valentine - Tech Digest
Do you, or someone you know, spend a little bit too much time in Photoshop, tweaking those digital camera images a little more until you really can't see the difference any more? Well, here's the perfect birthday present, or Valentine's gift, I suppose. It's a set of magnets that look like the myriad of menus and toolbars that come in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Brazillian company Meninos sell these magnets on their own for $25, with a 20" magnetic whiteboard for $65, and with a 40" whiteboard for $95. That seems rather on the bargainous side, to me. Just a pre-order for the moment, though - they'll be shipping on Feb 15th, so your Valentine will have to make do with an order confirmation until it arrives. Meninos (via Technabob) Related posts: Scientists on Google Earth discover that cows are magnetic | Tetrius Magnet Set