Samsung announces 64GB SSD H-Series HD camcorder, and some others too - Tech Digest
Not to be outdone by Canon, Samsung has also released info about a range of new camcorders that it'll be bringing to market later in the year. They all come under the banner of H-Series, which seems to mean nothing except that their meaningless product numbers all begin with H. In full, there's the HMX-H106, HMX-H105, HMX-H104, and HMX-H100. They've got HD sensors, and lenses from Schneider Kreuznach that have a 10X zoom and "Optical Image Stabilisation". One of the models in particular - the top-of-the-line HMX-H106 - comes with a 64GB SSD, which I believe is the first camcorder with a drive that big.