Know a clown who's desperate to listen to music on his bicycle? - Tech Digest
Okay, maybe that was mean. But you can't claim that that thing over to the right doesn't look like a pom-pom of some sort. It's actually a speaker. The Yuen'To Music Ball, to be precise. Straight outta' Japan, it'll plug into anything with a 3.5mm jack connector and blare out sounds and music for upto five hours. After that, it'll need recharging via USB. It comes in red, blue, yellow, black and pink - nice bold colours - and costs $76.16 (£55 or so). That's amazingly expensive. Still, no-one ever said that being a contra-auguste was cheap. GeekStuff4U (via Akihabaranews) Related posts: Self Balancing Unicycle - no clown skills required | Invisible Nanotube ropes could revolutionise the circus trade