NOISE GATE: 6 Tenets for a New Music Industry - Conclusions - Tech Digest
It's okay, you can open your eyes again. I've reached the end of my Six Tenets series. I hope it's proved interesting and perhaps even useful. The way people consume music is changing very fast right now, faster than it ever has done before. At the end of it, will there still be the same infrastructure we have now? I highly doubt it. So, in full then, here are my recommendations: Music must be sharable - word of mouth is more important than everRevenue must come from multiple sources - if one bit of the industry becomes obsolete, it shouldn't sink the whole shipNew technologies are to be welcomed and understood, not feared and litigated againstA&R can be crowdsourced, but remember the long tail"Added value" is key - give people a reason not to pirate thingsYour artists are your most important spokespeople