Mobile Phone for a fiver? The Samsung SGH-B130 at Carphone Warehouse - Tech Digest
Want a mobile phone for about the same quantity of cash that lunch cost you yesterday? The Samsung SGH-B130 is your man - it costs £5. It boasts a colour screen, vibrating alert and polyphonic ringtones in its features, and it's described by the Carphone Warehouse, who are selling it, as "surprisingly light and slim". It's got a USB port, too, and WAP and GPRS, but there's no camera, music player, or touchscreen. You'll need to add £10 of credit to get the price down to £5, but even so, for the market it's aimed at, this is a great deal. Carphone Warehouse (via ITProPortal) Related posts: 3 launches unlimited mobile internet for £5 fee | For cheap(er) UK BlackBerry Bold contract, Vodafone's the place to go