Chocolate bark with lavender and marigold - Tastecelebration.com
Oh my gosh! This taste so good, and it’s not too bad for your body either. Full of raw goodies, good fats and minimal with sugar. In short a win-win, thumb up in other words. Let’s get to work! Ingredients 1, 5 dl (about 150 grams) deodorized coconut oil 1 dl (about 100 grams) raw cacao powder 1 teaspoon of agave (or more, ask you own conscious) A pinch of Maldon flakey salt Lavender, marigold, pistachios, gojiberries and dried blueberries (raw preferably) How do i do it? 1. Melt the coconut oil, mix it with cacao powder and a tiny bit of agave. 2. Sprinkle lavender, marigold, chopped pistachios, raw gojiberries and blueberries. 3. For the final taste, add some Maldon sea salt. Let it set in a preferable squared bowl in the freezer. 4.After approx. 2 hours it is ready. Cut in nice pieces and invite a dear friend for a cup of coffee. So, so good!