12 Reasons Why I Love Caffeine | Suzanne Kane
Everyone has their favorites when it comes to certain food, drink and leisure-time pursuits. For some, a day just wouldn't be right without that first cup of coffee. I can certainly relate. My day doesn't begin until I have that first sip. It's fair to say I love caffeine. Here are 12 reasons why. Reason #1: I enjoy the experience. I wouldn't say this about drinking V-8 juice, although I do like the flavor of that beverage. When it comes to my café latte, I have to say that it's an experience that I truly enjoy. Yes, water is hydrating, but it's boring, right? On the other hand, a well-crafted latte is a pure delight. For me, anyway. Reason #2: It gets me going. I'm fortunate to have a home espresso machine. That's enough to get me going first thing in the morning. For the times when I know it's going to be hours before I can leave the house for any reason (errands, just to get out, whatever), it helps knowing there's caffeine readily available when the machine heats up. Besides, when