It has become something set in my mind to do, be #TEDtalks presenter, not for the notoriety but to share a message purpose. My first step in this what I am calling "The Road to Greatness" is being trained by some of the best in the industry. As you can imagine though it cost money. That where you come in, my friends. I am raising support for the first leg of this journey through #GoFundMe and the link will be below and on my #instagram bio. I need to raise $1100 by July 8th, will you help me? You can tag someone, repost, donate, or send me really good vibes and prayers. Here is my link: | Westley Roderick
Westley Roderick is an emerging prophetic voice, leading the charge of a millennial generation. He dedicates his life to seeing the love of the Father revealed in the hearts of men and women through the Spirit of Prophecy.