Watson Lake Photographs – Don't Give Up |
Have you heard of Watson Lake in Arizona? Well, I hadn't until one of my photographer friends from the Arcanum showed us one of his shots of Watson Lake. I was mesmerized by the beautiful rock formations and the trees growing from the rocks. Kevin and I had to go and photograph the lake while we were vacationing in Sedona, Arizona. It is not far and worth the drive. I fell in love with this tree, but there were other photographers in the location that I wanted to be. It was a small area surrounded by water so not many could fit. They eventually left after sunset. Wow, I was in luck! I hurried to the location because I knew I wouldn't have much time to set up and then the sun blew up and I shot away taking different exposures and merging them together later in post. Wow, what a feeling of pure excitement and content! I must tell you that the first time we visited Watson Lake the sunset was not as beautiful as this day. We did some research and found out there would be clouds in the