Printable Sheets for Cross Stitchers
These printable sheets are to help you with record keeping and journaling of your projects. More to come in the future! Recording this information related to your finished cross stitch pieces and craft projects helps future generations to better understand what you created, why you created it, and how much care went into the stitching and creation of the finished heirloom. Info Sheet for Finished Work Click the image to download as a JPG file. Click here to download as a PDF file. Works for your own record keeping and also nice to include on a piece that you're giving as a gift. . Stitching Project Time Log and Journaling Ever wonder how long that project actually took you to stitch? Keep track with these handy time log journaling pages. Click here to download the pages as a PDF file. Keep a journaling page set with each project to track the amount of time you worked on it, when, and to keep any relevant notes about your progress. Graph Paper Looking for printable graph paper