The truth is that Stitching the Night Away wouldn't exist without the amazing community of stitchers and crafters surrounding it. You are all awesome! We welcome guest contributors throughout the year and we have a wonderful group of writers adding new content frequently. Meet some of our regular contributors.... Loretta Oliver - Head Stitcher and Website Owner here at STNA I've been a cross stitcher since I was 8 years old. It was something I learned as a Girl Scout when we did a project for a badge related to crafts and the group choose to cross stitch a holiday design on a red sweatshirt using waste canvas. (Talk about hard first project, that was such a pain!) I was one of the first ones finished and I've had a needle in my hand almost every day since then. Joy Arceneaux Rabid stitcher and mother of two toddlers. Stitching is like going to war....with string! I started playing with string when I was 16 and my mom bought me a Learn-A-Craft kit of a frog (because I love frogs). I