Cross Stitch and Beading Project: Mill Hill Azul Calavera
Actually finished a thing for my Mill Hill Mondays stitching this week :) At some point I realized I made a tiny mistake, but I made it on both sides of the design, so I totally just flubbed it and stitched around it to make it work ;) He still needs cut out of the perforated paper, but I couldn't find my tiny scissors that I use for that step, so he's waiting in the 'to be finished fully' project bin until the next time I work on finishing up some ornaments for display. I always feel like I stitch slower when I'm stitching in hand instead of using my stand, but these Mill Hill kits are fun and they make me happy so I don't mind the extra time investment. I got off to a really slow start thanks to some swelling in my hands, but the blue stitches filled in quickly and I just took my time with it.