Butterfly Gifts Stitched by Jan
Jan shared this photo of her finished butterflies in the Stitching the Night Away Facebook group recently. She stitched them up as gifts for a weekend family gathering and everyone got to pick one to take home with them! How awesome is that? Each one is different and has it's own little bit of personality. Jan's notes on how she finished them and mounted them on acid-free foam core: Put a single layer of Warm 'n Dry batting (or something similar). Stretched and pinned the piece to the edges of the foam core. See top left. Folded over to the back and glued in place. When dry remove pins. Cut complimentary fabric to fit the back and hand stitched in place. Thank you, Jan, for sharing your project with us. I love what you've done with these and I'm sure the family really appreciated the thoughtful gifts. If you've stitched one of my patterns, I'd love to see your finish and include it in the gallery here as well. Drop me a note. Looking for the free butterfly pattern to stitch your