Finished and Framed Peace Tree (M-Designs) Cross Stitch
update: fully finished object! I picked up a silver frame while we were holiday shopping and finally did something with the Peace Tree so it could be displayed for the holidays. I finished Peace Tree by M-Designs the other night during the lunar eclipse. (It was amazing to watch, by the way!) I accidentally deleted my progress pics before I uploaded them to Flickr (oops!) so I don't have my usual slide show progress video to share for this one, just the finished pic. I stitched this over one using DMC 500 floss, Mill Hill frosted glass seed beads #62047, and the purple star Mill Hill treasure for the topper on a 28 count evenweave Silkweaver Solo dyed fabric. It's hard to see in the picture, but the fabric has tints of purple and green in it, which is why I chose the beads and floss in those colors. It's been awhile since I did tiny stitching over one, so it took me awhile to get this one done, about two and a half weeks total I think. I didn't have as much stitching time as I'd like