Stimulus for Startups: Some Thoughts From a Seattle Startup Attorney | Startup Law Blog
When Congress returns, it is going to be pondering what it can do to stimulate the economy. It will have limited time before it recesses again to campaign. In fact, only about 3 weeks after it comes back into session on September 13th for the Senate and September 14th for the House. A very short period of time. I've already written that I think that investors in companies ought to be able to obtain a full and immediate nonrefundable tax credit for the entire amount of their investment to the extent that the funds are used to employ people. This would cost the Treasury (because, for example, an investor's tax bill would be reduced by the amount of a $100,000 investment by $100,000, and the payroll and income taxes collected on $100,000 paid in wages would be less than $100,000), but I think it would be a simple and wonderful way to encourage direct investments into companies and create jobs (and the cost to the Treasury would probably be less than the last stimulus cost per job and the