The Small Business Bill: What Can Be Done To Improve It | Startup Law Blog
When the Senate returns on September 13th, it will take up consideration of the Small Business Bill (the "Bill"). The current version of the Small Business Bill was introduced August 5th as Senate Amendment 4594, an amendment in the nature of a substitution. Attached is: the text of the current version of the Small Business Bill; a summary of the current Small Business Bill's provisions; and a summary of how it differs from the prior iteration of the Bill. My comments on the Bill: The 100% exclusion for capital gains from investments in qualified small business stock is temporary and of extremely short duration. It only applies to stock purchased after the date of enactment of the Bill through the end of this year. This is not really much to get excited about. If we want to change behavior, the provision should be permanent. Allowing an exclusion of 100% for qualified small business stock purchased before the end of this year probably isn't going to change much in terms of