Performance, Load and Stress Testing
When we talk about either of performance, load and stress testing, we sometimes encounter confusion about the three terms. No wonder, since they all involve the same tools and techniques! And to make matters worse, we ourselves often lump them together under the "perf & load" label. But while all three test methods share similar tools and approaches, their goals are very different indeed. Similarities As hinted at above, all three kinds of testing have very similar base requirements. In either case: There is a system you want to test. It could consist of many machines and many software components, or just one of each, but it's typically treated as a unit, the application. You will have some workflows through the application that should be reasonably close to actual (expected) user behaviour. Additionally, you will need to have a reasonable estimate about the distribution of workflows in overall load. That is, at any given time, will you have more users reading the blog, or more users