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Hello Dr. Moosa My name is Jehoshaphat. Am not sure what to make it but i feel as though my soul is somehow tainted or what not. My talents are writing and communication and i have a great memory. I always loved illustration and in my latest teens i gradually delve into metaphysics and even later into mythology and folklore, largely inspired by African mysticism. I'm 24 now and I came across some interesting revelations in my studies and research in past years and it changed the way i view the world to this day. I feel a certain warmness or an urge to dress the world in ways never done before even now. Early on however at about 19 I was online and i decided to order a "wishing spell" from this houngan, "that i had the financial means to do the things that i wanted?" that i held of the utmost fortitude i would guess. Not sure exactly where i went wrong but gradually, but ever since that year start to feel more and more as if someone watching me and trying to hinder my relationship
Dr Moosa Lubega