Married by our Pastors in church |
Dear Doctor Moosa, I kindly ask for assistance, I've been with my husband of 9 years. Even though his mom and him from the beginning wanted a wife not girlfriend from me marriage or wedding was just not happening. From the beginning he proposed and we got to live as husband and wife cause we both did not have a problem with that and have been loyal since however it still was torture after torture, arguments and disagreements all the way. I sought for counselling including in his church which I was then attending having left mine so that we can have peace and love at home. We got to a point of getting married by the Pastor in 2013 and it was ok still continued as a husband and wife. In all our years of being together somehow things are not and don't feel like they should be. I have problems with him on top he adds his mom whom we've lived with in our house for 5years now, he also has a big daughter 25 years of age who's double my size and disrespects me when she comes to my
Dr Moosa Lubega