Dr Moosa Relationship advice help all relationships to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction
Take a look at what questions you may be finding important to Ask at your own time or inside your heart. Do you suspect any witchcraft in your relationship? Do you have to experience any misfortune during your marriage? Would you like marry your dream lover/partner? Do you want to bring back your lost lover no matter how long? Do you need a marriage proposal? Do you want quick engagement? Do you want a quick marriage after engagement? Do you want your lover back permanently? Did someone steal your man/woman? Does somebody cheat on you? Do you just admire someone you never talked? Do you want to stop someone from interfering in your love relationship? Is your lover refused to commit in long terms relationship? Is your lover refuse to enter into marriage with you? Is your lover refuse to have kids? Is your lover have infertility issues? Is your lover barren? Is your love life falling apart? Do you suspect foul play in your relationship?
Dr Moosa Lubega