The first generation of Softhouse Trainees in Sarajevo have started their journey with us
Last week at Softhouse Balkans, our first generation of Softhouse Trainees started their journey into getting a good base of becoming IT and organization consultants. In the upcoming three months, six students and young professionals - Nina, Haris, Stoja, Haris, Mehmed, and Denis - will all get a steady ground in the roles of the profession for which they are training - software developer, quality assurance, and social media coordinator. At their service, they have a team of mentors who guide them through their training - both technical skills as well as soft skills are essential. "When choosing our trainees, we had a thorough interview process to find the people who have high interest and a mindset that can fit into our Softhouse culture" "We looked for trainees with a high interest in the field of their future roles, good work ethics, and appreciation for the way we organize our work in an agile manner. With this team of our current trainees we see that we have found a great match,"