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The Civic Holiday Weekend Regatta For over a century, sailors have been taking to the waters of Sturgeon Lake for the annual Civic Holiday Regatta. As a result of all of this sailing, there have been winners declared and names of winners inscribed in various fonts and on different coloured plaques affixed to trophies - some newer, some older - all donated by Sturgeon Lake residents. Those winners are now recognized by having their names appear not only on the trophies themselves, but now forever immortalized on the site. This list of winners was compiled by Claire Lourie and verified by various Civic Holiday Regatta historians. Our thanks to Claire. Sturgeon Lake Cup 14ft Dinghies - Annual Competition Presented By Ellsworth Flavelle in 1937 (and known as the Flavelle Cup) Sailed in International 14s 1937 - H.J Bongard 1938 - G.D Cook - Tern 1939 - 1945 - n/a 1946 - F.H Hopkins 1947 - F.H Hopkins 1948 - F.M