SLSC 2018: Chapter 8 | SLSC
Well, we have somehow made It through eight weeks of sailing club only having lost a Pico sail, a couple spin poles, and Sophie's phone to the lake #WhatAnEnormousSuccess. (Also, if anyone finds my Birks, please let me know.) However, the successes of this summer only make the conclusion all the more bitter. We begin to have nightmares about school, wearing socks (except Matt, he loves socks), and spending time indoors. Sailing Club feels like home for the summer – a place of friendships, learning and a whole lot of fun. Donald Miller once said "Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons". I hope you find some comfort in that because I sure didn't. I think that leaving our summer home for the cold, sleet, snow, hats, scarves, and woolen socks of winter will just make me miss it all the more – but maybe missing it makes summers at Sturgeon Point seem that much more special. CORK We sent our one regatta-happy 420