SLSC 2018: Chapter 3 | SLSC
Sunday Afts: Despite very light conditions today, we managed to get three races off in the laser fleet, and one race for the 420s and Picos. Storey took home the gold in the laser fleet. Our pico fleet was dominated by Suki Salter and her friend Addie. Suki and Addie's mums – Samantha and Karin – won the 420 fleet #AGoodDayForSalter&Co. We are now entering a brief Sunday afts hiatus – our third installment will take place August 12th. Tuesday Movie Night Coming soon to theatres! This Tuesday night, head down to the "New Building Theatre" to watch a movie (or two) that likely came out many, many years ago. The New Building boasts a well-staffed (if somewhat limited) concession, (some) comfy seats, and no pre-show advertisements (although they still generally start 15 minutes late #It'sOnPurpose #TechnicalDifficulties). It costs approximately 1/10th the price of a normal theatre AND you get FREE popcorn and (heavily diluted) refreshments #CostConscious. The first movie starts