SLSC 2018: Chapter 2 | SLSC
Sunday Afternoon Races Our first Sunday afts of the season was a two-fleet affair – 420 and laser. In the laser fleet, we had a total of five boats and David DesBrisay took home the gold #RichardRobertsWasn'tThere #GoodLuckRepeatingThatNextWeek. Amy DesBrisay and Kate Thomas won the 420 fleet (#DéjaVu) and, unlike Dad, it would not be surprising if they were to repeat that next week, at our second Sunday Afts installment. Sarnia Nixon and Ruby participated in a training day with Ontario Sailing Team coach, Thomas Fogh, followed by Sailfest Sarnia Regatta this weekend. They raced amazingly and we're all looking forward to hearing about their weekend adventures. Afternoon Race Program Unfortunately, we have no ARP this week as the instructors will be running a learn-to-sail program with the Lindsay Boys and Girls Club. Fortunately however, we aren't totally getting rid of our ARPers – if you are itching to get out on the water for some extra sailing, we need volunteers to help us with