SLSC 2017: Chapter 3 | SLSC
New Additions to the Staff This week, we are welcoming Cameron Riegel back as an instructor! When he showed up last Wednesday for balloon day, we all realized just how much we missed having him around the club; to avoid enduring another Cameron-less week of club, we offered him gave him no other option but to take a job starting this Monday. We couldn't be happier to have him back. Regatta: Laser Masters, Canadians, and Steerers This weekend, SLSC hosted the Ontario Laser Masters. We'd like to thank Richard Roberts, who sailed but also managed to take the lead on Race Committee decisions, Clare Prendergast, who arranged all the billeting, as well as all of the billets, meal makers, harbour masters, scorers, and finish boaters, who combine their efforts to put on such a great regatta. Congratulations to Ray Davies for taking home the gold. Full results and photos will be posted on the website shortly. Meanwhile, in Dorval, Quebec, our resident sailing superstars, Maija and