On Irma Kurtz, rape and drunken women
If you leave a window of your house open when you go out, then come home to find you've been burgled, whose fault is it? What if property is stolen from your car after you left it unlocked - who is to blame for the theft? If you get roaring drunk on a night out, fall asleep on the bus home and end up at the terminus to find your wallet's been nicked from your pocket - who is the culpable party? In all such cases, haven't you been a bit of an idiot? Idiot, maybe, criminal, no. We all do idiotic things occasionally because to be human is to be forgetful sometimes, to be careless sometimes. We shouldn't have to think carefully about every single thing we do. If everyone treated others as they would want to be treated themselves, we'd all be able to leave our homes and cars unlocked; we'd be able to go out and get plastered without fear of some blaggard robbing us. But we can't because, even though most of us wouldn't dream of stealing someone else's personal property or kicking someone's