Dear Anti-vaxxer
I would like to give this letter lifted from Stop the AVN some more publicity. I don't imagine the anti-vax loon who, until I adjusted my spam filter, used to post hundreds of abusive and anti-vax comments on this blog, will have the brains to comprehend it but you never know. An open letter from a pro vaxxer to an antivaxxer. Please read and distribute widely. Originally penned by Megan Cran Dear Anti-vaxxer, You've asked on other threads whether or not us pro-vaxxers would be able to empathize and see things from your point of view. I'll ask the same of you. Imagine that you've spent 6 + years of your life studying your ass off so that you can understand the mere basics of biology, chemistry, physiology, pathology, immunology, pharmacology, etc. Because you'd like to be a nurse or a physician. And these are the things you need to know to do your job. Imagine that through your years of scientific training, frequently studying the available evidence, and relying on the educated