An alliance of playground bullies
Oh, good grief! I've just read the Alliance for Natural Health's report on a meeting convened last week by David Tredinnick MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare. Miles Lockwood of the Advertising Standards Authority was the invited speaker. The exact purpose of the meeting is left to our imagination and I imagine Miles Lockwood used it to put people straight on a few things. The purpose of the ANH report was evidently to try to make it look as if the ANH are doing something useful in the battle for the rights of promoters of mostly useless 'therapies' to mislead the public. I've mentioned the ANH before on this blog after seeing Director Rob Verkerk's performance at the amusingly mistitled Scientific Research in Homeopathy last year, where he spent a large part of his slot slagging off Ernst, Goldacre, et. He is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health — whatever that is — and, like many of the presentations at this 'Scientific Research in