Up both of yours, Marc Stephens and Stanislaw Burzynski
It's high time I jumped on the Burzynski bandwagon. The reason I didn't do so earlier is that I was aware of a bizarre correspondence taking place between award-winning grassroots skeptic, Rhys Morgan, and one Marc Stephens, who claimed — truthfully, as it turns out — to be representing Stanislaw Burzynski. I was waiting for Rhys to tell the story publicly and now he has. My first thought, on hearing that Rhys had received a threat of legal action, was that as many bloggers as possible should re-publish the piece by Rhys that Stephens objected to. As it happens, in the 25 days since Stephens sent his first extraordinary email to Rhys, a whole bunch of other blogs about Burzynski have appeared, not re-publishing Rhys' piece but telling it their own way. Josephine Jones has a list of them — there were 62 at the last count! I've only read a fraction of them and don't have anything to add. As it will be obvious to anyone who reads any of Stephens' missives, I don't even need to point out