There you go, fixed it for you
Science says that thinking for myself is dangerous. You must trust in the Lord Science. You have to hand it to those homeopaths! They are terrific at sending themselves up, generously giving us a laugh at their expense. Very much in vogue at the moment is the creation of little animated dialogues between typically dim-witted homeopaths and typically arrogant skeptics. My favourite one appears on UK Homeopathy News. (Edit: if it can no longer been seen there, this site also has it.) The homeopath's vacuous arguments could have been lifted from any homeopath's blog. Unfortunately, as the screenwriter evidently doesn't engage with any skeptics, his cartoon skeptic's script doesn't much resemble anything that even the most arrogant of skeptics would really say or even think. My opening quote, for example, was lifted directly from the mouth of the cartoon skeptic who, by the way, looks like disconcertingly like Evan Harris dressed like a member of an early Beatles tribute band. ( "But do