Witchcraft is homeopathy
This will be short. In a previous post I quoted Dr Tom Dolphin's dignified apology to witches for ever calling homeopathy 'witchcraft'. Since his retraction, I have been mildly irritated by the continued references to his original description. I still keep seeing the claim that "the BMA calls homeopathy 'witchcraft'". Not any more! It's now just "nonsense on stilts", OK? (And, of course, the BMA did not call homeopathy anything. The BMA simply voted in favour of a perfectly polite and reasonably-worded motion to stop funding this batshit insanity on the NHS.) Anyway, having seen the 'homeopathy as witchcraft' claim yet again today, I impulsively went off in search of witches. My purpose was to find out about witchcraft and establish the differences between it and homeopathy. I envisioned being able to present some killer argument about newts' eyes and frogs' toes being placed straight in a cauldron and simmered — not 'succussed' and diluted out of existence. Voilà la différence! I