Don't be skeptical of skeptics
I've been off-line for a couple of weeks so this is a very belated response to Frank Swain's gig at Westminster Skeptics at the beginning of August. Frank Swain, aka SciencePunk, no longer calls himself a skeptic. This isn't because he's become less of one. On the contrary, he described himself as being "born of the skeptic movement" and "hugely enamoured" with it. But he has, in recent years, distanced himself from the "skeptic community" because he doesn't want to be associated with its attitudes and behaviour. It seemed a little odd when, towards the end of his talk, he introduced what he described as the most important part of it with the revelation that as a "white, middle-class, college-educated, science-background man", he wasn't qualified to talk about it. As it turned out, that was one of the few things Frank said that I agreed with. The topic at this stage was "who we invite and make space for in our community", the community in question being the people who write or talk or