Watch your backs, homeoquacks
"First they came for the homeopaths..." I've lost count of how many self-pitying blogposts by homeopaths I've seen begin with those words. The assault on homeopathy is continuing relentlessly and the poor homeopaths don't know what's hit them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels a bit sorry for them. Only joking. Didn't you just love watching Tom Dolphin's turn at the BMA conference recently? For those who missed it, Dolphin — who is deputy chairman of the BMA's Junior Doctors Committee — announced that, contrary to his headline-grabbing comments back in May, homeopathy isn't witchcraft after all. He graciously apologised for the offence caused to all the witches who'd objected to the association with homeopathy. "I take it back — it isn't witchcraft", said a contrite Dolphin, before going on to explain what homeopathy really is. It's nonsense on stilts. It's pernicious nonsense that feeds a rising wave of irrationality that threatens to overwhelm the hard won gains of the