What do you get if you visit a chiropractor?
This year sees the centenary celebration of D.D. Palmer's great work entitled, The Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic, in which he claimed that "A subluxated vertebra... is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases... The other five percent is caused by displaced joints other than those of the vertebral column". Not that I've noticed any chiropractors celebrating. A few months ago I visited a chiropractor just to see what would happen. I blogged the whole episode here but, in a nutshell, I told him I had come out of curiosity, taking advantage of a special offer £20 introductory appointment, which was being touted in a shopping centre on a busy Saturday. As a cover story I mentioned I had occasional lower backache but it wasn't really a problem, I was just curious to see if he could explain it. He asked a lot of questions and wanted me to have a couple of x-rays. I declined. He gave me the hard sell on the importance of regular chiropractic care to prevent degenerative disease.