The importance of being Ernst (2)
Ernst is vociferously campaigning against the very libel laws he has just invoked to threaten not me, but my 21 year old website designer who isn't remotely connected to complementary therapy and had never even heard of Edzard Ernst until yesterday. So says the diabolical blogger whose nasty, vicious and unsubstantiated attack on Edzard Ernst, I blogged about yesterday. Chris Holmes had posted three articles entitled 'Edzard Ernst is a fake' on a blog called Truth Will Out. Less than 24 hours later, I'm pleased to report that all three of these articles have been removed. In their place Chris has posted another unbelievably silly attack on Edzard, whining that Edzard has threatened to sue his "web designer", Nathan Beck. Here's Chris in full fantasist mode: I wonder why he didn't contact me? Perhaps he's not talking to me. Or maybe he read some of the things I've written and thought: "This guy calls powerful drug companies all the names under the sun, calls the Department of Health and