The importance of being Ernst
Edzard Ernst, Professor of Complementary Medicine, has always struck me as a sweet and mild-mannered German teddy bear of a man, yet the quacks hate him with a passion that makes them look even uglier than they are already. It's no longer a surprise to me that quacks ignore the science and prefer instead to vilify their critics – they don't have many proper arguments, after all. But it was a bit of surprise that someone sent me a link to a post on the ironically named 'Truth Will Out' blog entitled, Edzard Ernst is a fake-3. As that post is a particularly vacuous attempt at character assassination, I assume it was sent to me so I could give it the treatment it deserves. The writer is one Chris Holmes, a hypnotherapist and author of a self-published book about nicotine. Edzard evidently winds Chris up so much that he spent some 2,000 words (and that just on part 3) huffing with resentment and pushing a monstrously fallacious argument, which amounts to this: P1. To be a professor, you